November 18, 2008

This Clip Called Ipoh Fuck Girl? He is the Guy And She is the Girl?

As everybody think and talking about this clip, where this couples @ teenagers having sex and taking their own video...dunno for what purpose La... recently my "thale" @ captain got post about this at where talk about this video and named as " Ipoh Fucking Girl".

Oh my god, dunno who is the real culprit spread ( by bluetooth and mailling) this video by saying this couples are from Ipoh, Perak! I think he facing not a racist problem, but state level problem (condemning other state people) . Maybe he is not Indian, and he is trying to spoil indian's name or he got mental disorder.

At first we all(my friends) also believed that, they are Indians and she is from ipoh, perak.
but now i know the truth ready....

Actually, sure you guys wanted to know the truth of this clip and where it from right???
Basically, this sex clip is not from perak and they are not Indian! they are talking different language. Not Hindi, but its like Bangladesh, Nepal or some other country's language... Because i cant understand what they are talking what...

And of course, if they are indian, i might think alot to put thier face in my blog. Because their life is there. But then after some research i got to know the real fact. Thats why i post it.
So, ipoh makkalz and Kaigals...Be cool... their are not from your area and they are not spoiling our names!

Warning: Still got some Malaysian Indian clips out there... Soon, if i got means i will print screen and post their face in my blog! Just to save my readers from them. Who knows, maybe in future... some of our parents looking for son-in-law/daughter-in-law and they might be one of from this kind of group. Cannot promise what. Don't become Victim then!!!


Durai said...

Bro, ipoh fuck girl topic is not related to this video clip. It's entirely different.

The topic was about how people are getting into my website.

Anyway, I've watched this video clip. quite a long one.

Makkez said...

Yea, this clip is very old.

If I'm not mistaken, this clip used to go around in the name of "Sg.Petani indian girl" or something.

And yeah, they don't look like an Indian to me.

Eyes said...

2-Durai:Oh, okay! yeah its very old ady. since alot of people requesting and queries bout it, thats why i went to find out this video again. thanks for ur info bro!

2-makkez: the tittle of this video when i see in some of my frens hp is "ipoh Indian girl", "Ipoh teenagers", and "Ipoh tamilachi"... thats why i post this matter and telling the truth. makkez eyes very power what, thats y u can know that they are not indian. LOL! but, some donno la... You know, i know...ORE MAKKAL DUNNO La, bange!

townguy said...

mychicks punye clipkan , hehe .

try mychicks bro , will be helpful for your research .

Eyes said...

2-Townguy: Enna vechi kamidi kimidi panneleye? hehe!

viji said...

hey i want to c the clip also la.. :D

hahaha.. yeah true they dont look like an indian la.. but why the last paragraph i cant read.. change the font la kai.

hehehehhe... periya research thaan. ungalaiyum unga frens aiyum paarathanum. :D

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